The Single System

What is the Single System ?

The Single System is the development pathway for players, coaches and officials of all ages and abilities to reach their full potential. It is based on Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) principles that put the participant at the centre of all decisions, with extensive scientific research that has been widely accepted by the majority of other major sports within England.

What is the Single System made up of?

The Single System encompasses the whole of the hockey landscape which includes club and school activity as well as the Single System development centres. When people talk about the Single System it is often mistaken as just the development centres, e.g. JDCs, JACs, JRPCs etc, but it is important to look at the hockey a player gets in all environments.

Why does hockey have a Single System ?

The purpose of the Single System is to make opportunities for participants fair, equitable and consistent. It is to ensure that a suitable level of coaching and competition is offered for people at the appropriate stage of their development and to maximise the chance they have of fulfilling their potential whether that potential is as a club or International player, coach or official.

How can I access the Single System ?

The Single System can be accessed by playing at school, a local club or attending one of the local Single System centres. There is one entry point into the Single System centres which is at Development Centre level. The first time a player accesses the player pathway they must enter at JDC level.