Directors 2019-20
Role NameeMailPhone
President Claire Wright mrsactiveclaire @
(m) 07710 199257
Vice President Tim Lorimer lorimertim @
(m) 07971 899084
Nicky Dyke nicky.dyke7660 @
(m) 07771 703743
Immediate Past President John Straw oljohn @ (h) 0115 926 2993
Secretary Cellan Griffiths cellan.griffiths @
(m) 07540 258918
Treasurer Charles Nash charleynash10 @ (h) 01902 750 263
(m) 07718 275389
Other Directors Jeanne Freeman @
David Griffiths david @
(m) 07980 927258
Martin Hives w.hives947 @
(m) 07593 346692
          Legal Note

  1. The Companies Act 2006 does not require a private company, such as Midland Region Hockey Association Ltd (MRHA Ltd), to have a Secretary. The Directors have taken advantage of this exemption due to the lack of a volunteer from Clubs to take on the time consuming role of Secretary.

  2. In the absence of a Secretary written communications to MRHA Ltd should be addressed to the Directors and sent to the Registered Office; Nottingham Hockey Centre, University Boulevard, Nottingham NG7 2PS.

  3. Please note that Article 39 of the Articles of Association of MRHA Ltd provides that all communications between the Members and MRHA Ltd have to be in electronic format. E-mails and other electronic communications to should be sent to Claire Wright, Tim Lorimer, Charles Nash and Cellan Griffiths who will then decide which Director will deal with the communication.

  4. The Directors have split the role of Secretary between several Directors. Cellan Griffiths has agreed to take on the calling the Directors Meetings, Council Meetings and General Meeting of Members meetings and taking minutes at these meetings. If Cellan Griffiths is unable to attend a meeting another Director will take the minutes. Charles Nash is responsible for filing documents at Companies House, GDPR and sending amendments to the Webmaster of the current MRHA Ltd. Communications to Clubs will be via the Counties, Men's League and Women's League secretaries and will be initiated by either Claire Wright, Charles Nash or Cellan Griffiths depending on the nature of the communication.